Saskatchewan Online Poker on its way?

According to a CBC report on online gaming, the government of Saskatchewan has shown interest in the online gaming business. Some exciting Canada poker news for Canadian poker players.

“I saw on the news last night that an internet gaming source is advertising in Saskatchewan,” Cheveldayoff said. “I think that it’s growing. It’s there and it’s something we’re going to have to look at very closely.”

Cheveldayoff said he estimates that about $30 million is spent yearly by people in Saskatchewan gambling online.

He said if a government entity was collecting that money, profits could be spent on community programs.

“What troubles me is that the profits are leaving the province and can’t be reinvested in the good activities that Gaming Corporation, for example, does,” he said.

This would be great news for Saskatchewan poker players and the Canadian Poker Network.  The CPN which is expected to include Quebec and British Columbia, will be waiting for the other provinces to get into the game, a very profitable one indeed.  Ontario, Manitoba, and the Atlantic provinces have all shown their desire to provide an online gambling avenue for its citizens, rather than watching big sums of money flow outside the country. from the Loto Quebec group has been especially popular so far, even running a $200,000 guaranteed prize pool poker tournament this past Sunday.

The CBC report also notes that Ontario was preparing to launch their online gaming site possibly by 2012.  The Saskatchewan online casino and poker room would most likely be run by the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation, which operates brick and mortar casinos in Regina and Moose Jaw.

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