Arrests made in Jonathan Duhamel Robbery

Just before Christmas, 2010 World Series of Poker champion Jonathan Duhamel was the victim of a home invasion robbery.  He was beaten up and amongst the items stolen from his home included his WSOP bracelet (worth around $50,000), his Rolex watch ( a present from Poker Stars worth around $20,000), and some Euro cash.

On December 24, a 20 year old female was arrested, along with 2 other men, and one other man was arrested on Dec 29.  The 20 year old female, Bianca Rojas-Latraverse, was in fact Duhamel’s ex-girlfriend!  Since everything was targeted, and the beating of Jonathan made it look personal, it makes absolute sense.  She must have been scorned with his recent wealth, and probably left her with what she deserves, nothing.

It is not known if Dumahel’s reward of up to $10,000 played a part in the arrests.  His Rolex watch was recovered, but the WSOP bracelet is still MIA.

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