Johnathan Duhamel 2010 World Series of Poker Champion

He has done it, Johnathan Duhamel from Boucherville Quebec, is the 2010 World Series of Poker Champion.  Along with $8,944,310 in 1st place prize money, he also enters the poker record books becoming the first ever Canadian World Series of Poker Champion.  Duhamel started the day with a massive chip lead of 190,100,000 to 2nd place finisher John Racener’s 29,200,000

John Racener finishes in 2nd place and earns $5,545,955

Heads up play took 43 hands before Duhamel polished off the short stacked John Racener facing a 6-1 chip deficit. He was only able to double up once off the chip stack with pocket Queens.  The final hand came down to Duhamel shoving allin preflop with AJo.  Racener was pretty much forced to call with K8s.  The flop came out 9d4d4c giving Racener a flush draw to go along with his live cards.  Turn came a 6c, and the exciting river came a dud in the form of a 5c.  Duhamel was swarmed by a sea fans wearing Montreal Canadians jerseys, throwing him up in the air while chanting the Bell Center favourite Ole Ole Ole Ole!

The new World Series of Poker Champion from Canada is a Poker Stars Pro, and PokerStars now has 6 of the last 8 wsop champions in their roster.  Moneymaker, Raymer, Hachem, Eastgate, Cada, and now Duhamel

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