Mike McDonald wins Epic Poker League Main Event

Mike McDonald, otherwise known as Timex in the online poker world, emerged as the champion of the Epic Poker League main event #2.  Mike the student from Waterloo Ontario bested out a tough final including runner up David Steicke, Erik Seidel, Isaac Baron, Fabrice Soulier, Dutch Boyd, and Nam Le, to take home the title and the $782,410.  Timex’s A4 held up against the might K2 of Steicke, and he became the first EPL champion from Canada.

Here is the final table payout of Epic Poker League Event #2

1. Mike McDonald $782,410
2. David Steicke $506,260
3. Fabrice Soulier $299,160
4. Erik Seidel $184,100
5. Nam Le $126,570
6. Isaac Baron $92,050
7. Sean Getzville $69,040
8. Dutch Boyd $57,530

The next event will take place on Dec 9 and will be a heads up tournament.  Congrats and way to represent Canada Mike!

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