WSOP main event down to 2

The 2010 World Series of Poker is down to 2 players, and Canadian Jonathan Duhamel is one of them.  Jonathan is on the verge of becoming Canada’s first World Series of Poker champion as he takes a monster chip lead heading into monday’s headsup final.  He hold’s 190,100,000 chips vs John Racener’s 29,200,000, or about 87% of the chips in play.  The two will play for the $8.9 million first place prize on monday.  The biggest hand at the final table, and world record pot, involved Jonathan Duhamel and then chip leader Joseph “subiime” Cheong.  This involved Cheong 6betting all-in preflop with A7!  Duhamel then tanked for a few minutes and eventually reluctantly called with QQ.  QQ held up and Johnathan had over 180 million chips in his possession.

Here is how the other final table participants were eliminated:

9) Soi Nguyen’s AK is not a good flip vs Jason Senti’s QQ.  Soi out in 9th for $881,823

8) Canadian Matt Jarvis suffers a river beat and finishes in 8th.  All in preflop with 99 vs Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi’s AQs.  Flop comes QQ8.  Turn is a magical 2outer 9.  But the devastating river A giver the Grinder a bigger fullhouse.  Jarvis out in 8th for $1,045,743

7) Another allin preflop race, this time between Jason Senti with AK and Joseph Cheong with TT.  KKQ flop looks great for Senti.  J on the turn is a sweat card.  Ugly 9 river knocks out PBJaxx.  Senti out in 7th for $1,356,720

6) Another preflop allin race produces the 4th casualty of the night.  John Dolan’s Q5s was no match for Duhamel’s 44.  By the turn Dolan had 16 outs but could not hit.  Dolan out in 6th for$1,772,959

5) Finally a non preflop elimination.  On a flop of Q54r, Mizrachi ends up getting his chips in with Q8.  After limping the sb, Duhamel suprises all by revealing pocket rockets AA!  AA holds and Mizrachi is out in 5th for $2,332,992.  With that elimination Frank Kassela is finally crowned the 2010 WSOP player of the year.

4) In a blind vs blind matchup, Filippo Candio shoves in the sb with KQs and Cheong quickly calls with A3s.  A on the flop and that is all she wrote for the Italian.  Candio out in 4th for $3,092,545

3) After the massive 95 million pot hand, Cheong shoves a few hands later with QT.  Massive Chip leader from Canada, Duhamel, makes the call with A2.  Flop K96 gives Cheong a gutshot along with his other 6 outs.  Turn 6, and river 7.  Cheong is out in 3rd for $4,130,049

Check back on monday to see if it is Canada Poker history as Poker Stars pro Johnathan Duhamel tries to become the first event Canadian World Series of Poker Champion.  Ole Ole Ole Ole..Ole Ole

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