Win a WSOP package at Poker770

Poker770 is putting together a promotion strictly for Canadians.  You can now follow in the footsteps of the first WSOP main event champion from Canada, Johnathan Duhamel, and win a trip to the World Series of Poker.  A total of 7 WSOP $2500 packages will be handed out each month.  This promotion started October 15  but there is still plenty of time to win your seat as this runs all the way until April 15 2011.  Since this is a Canadian only promotion, simply head to the “Canadian Tables” and start playing.  This is a points race which can be earned via a variety of ways.  In addition one extra seat is given to the player who earns the most points during this entire promotion.

Via tournaments, there are two daily $3+0.30 Canadian Warrior tournaments running each daily Mon-Sat at 20:30 and 22:00.  Points are earned depending on your finish (only those who make the money earn points).  The forula for calculating Canadian Warrior points for tournaments is the (square root of your cash) x 30.  For example if you won $81 you would earn 270 Canadian Warrior points.

Via cash games (only counts if you play on either the 6 Canadian Warrior Holdem or 6 Canadian Warrior Omaha cash game tables between 17:00 and 1:00 est), you must be amongst the top 60 net earners to earn points.  60 points for 1st place, 59 points for 2nd, … 1 point for 60th.

The 7 qualifying sessions are:

From 15/10/2010 to 15/11/2010
From 16/11/2010 to 15/12/2010
From 16/12/2010 to 15/01/2011
From 16/01/2011 to 15/02/2011
From 16/02/2011 to 15/03/2011
From 16/03/2011 to 15/04/2011
From 16/04/2011 to 15/05/2011

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