Eric Place wins 2010 BC Poker Championships

Eric Place of Halifax Nova Scotia is the new 2010 BC Poker Championship main event winner.  On Sunday Nov 28 2010 Eric took home the grand prize of $300,000 as he bested over 550 other players to take the crown.  Second place went to Connor Allisen of Vancouver, and third went to Benjamin Leblond from Wakefield Quebec.  This $2700 main event at the River Rock casino in Richmond BC attracted other big name pros including Brad “Yukon” Booth, Gavin Smith, Greg “FBT” Mueller, Terrence “Unassigned” Chan, and November Nine memeber Matt Jarvis who just missed out on a final table.

Here are the final results for the 2010 BC Poker Championships

1st Eric Place $300,000
2nd Connor Allisen $189,978
3rd Benjamin Leblond $119,491
4th Brian Henningson $95,862
5th John Himbury $78,542
6th Chris Back $61,760
7th Afshin Majidi $48,334
8th Ashkan Razavi $37,593
9th Cory Wilkinson $26,852
10th Thomas Humniski $18,796
11th Samuel Ngai $18,796
12th Stanislav Kriventsov $18,796
13th John Hartery $15,440
14th Anthony Mak $15,440
15th Danny Kalpakis $15,440
16th Robert Alvarez $12,083
17th Dianel Endacott $12,083
18th Simon Charette $12,083
19th Achilles Tsougrianis $8,727
20th Darlene Lee $8,727
21st Marcus Verhel $8,727
22nd Cory McClure $8,727
23rd Shawn Buchanan $8,727
24th James Lopushinsky $8,727
25th Kevin Dawe $8,727
26th Michael Kirby $8,727
27th Matt Jarvis $8,727
28th Clark Hamagami $6,982
29th Keith Wintermans $6,982
30th Sean Stevens $6,982
Kathleen Row $6,982
32nd Justin Mandair $6,982
33rd Jordan Lois $6,982
34th John Hines $6,982
35th Richard Webb $6,982
36th Matt Predergast $6,982
37th Sadia Cohent $6,176
38th Rick Mask $6,176
39th Mike Smith $6,176
40th Brian Kulczycki $6,176
41st John Heger $6,176
42nd Clinton Harcourt $6,176
43rd Devin Semballik $6,176
44th Marko Perkovic $6,176
45th Dawit Tsegai $6,176
46th Sam Tong $5,639
47th Stacey Squire $5,639
48th Paul Ratchford $5,639
49th Amy Huang $5,639
50th Michael Collins $5,639
51st Mario Roux $5,639
52nd Nathan Moore $5,639
53rd James White $5,639
54th Andrew Sinclair $5,639
55th Edmund Chan wins a fridge???

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