Win a Four Aces Poker Pro Canada Classic seat at UB

UB (Ultimate Bet) has now become a major sponsor for the inaugural Four Aces Poker Pro Canada Classic tournament take place April 15-18 2010 in Montreal.  Joining Bodog as an online poker site sponsor, UB will be bringing in 50 players through a series of online satellite tournaments beginning March 14.

The Four Aces Montreal tournament will feature a $1,650 buyin and will be a unique tournament in the sense that there will be 2 day 1s with players who bust day 1A can rebuy back in on day 1B.  The original schedule called for 3 day 1s, but that will most likely not happen.  This tournament was put together by Poker Pro Canada magazine and will take place in the Snakes poker room in the heart of Montreal.

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